Honest reflections about marriage and mission work when dealing with the anxiety and depression

  • Charlie Clayton

Get Involved with MM&MH in 2021

When we started writing this blog we really didn't know where it would go, whether anyone would read it, or whether it would be of any use to others at all.

The writing of these blogs was partly a process for us to work through what we had been through and partly hoping it would be helpful for others.

We have been so grateful for the encouraging words from many, and the boldness of others to reach out and be vulnerable with their own experiences. It has been great to interact with you as we have shared our struggles, and are pleased that it has been of help to a number of you.

After writing the last blog summarising the last year of journey, it gave us a perfect opportunity to review the purpose of the blog and where we should take it next - if anywhere at all.

The responses we have had to the blogs, especially the last one, make us believe it would not only be important and valuable to continue to blog on our personal journey but to also broaden out the content to include other input into this.

As such we are going to add further investment into the blog and content by doing 3 things:

Firstly, we hope to continue reflecting on mental health, marriage and mission over the coming year, both about the past struggles but also the ongoing journey of finding a way to be healthy and whole in these three areas of life.

Secondly, we are aware not only from messages we receive, but also from wider conversations, that we are certainly not alone by a long shot in dealing with various issues raised so far. As such, we would love to begin inviting others who may be willing to blog or be interviewed about their experiences of mental health.

Thirdly, we would like to interview those who have some expertise in this area either from a pastoral, counselling or support worker role who may be able to add further insight and help to people struggling with mental health.

If you are willing to be part of the ongoing journey of Marriage, Mission and Mental Health though either sharing your own experiences, or adding expertise through interview then please get in touch with us by emailing, or connect through our facebook page. We would LOVE others to be part of the experience of MM and MH.

The mental health crisis has been a growing epidemic, especially within the 16 - 24 age group where suicide was the biggest cause of death in 2018.* Covid has only increased mental and emotional unwellness; more than ever, openness and sharing the wealth of common human experience is a vital necessity. We would love to encourage the church to be at the forefront of care, thinking and engagement in this area, and hope that the conversation continued in this blog contributes to that.

Thank you again for reading and journeying with us. In spite of Christmas lockdowns and changed plans, may you know joy and peace as we remember the greatest encounter in our human history with the birth of Jesus Christ.

With Love

Charlie and Abby


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