The exercise of rigorous self-discipline, especially mental self-discipline practiced as a means to spiritual growth.

Equipping people to live out a life of Devotion and Enabling people to engage with their local communities

Anyone can follow this. If you are an single person, married with and without children, belong to a church, lead a church, cant make it to church

Its about developing a way of life that lives out the fullness of Gds calling in our life which in turn should transform the way we engage with God, engage with each other and engage with the world

But they do form the pricniples of Christian community so for some they may want to form missional communities using these patterns.

Missional Communities: For those that want to live very differently to the Sunday centric church models, then using these principles you can set up your own missional communities sharing a way of life.

Church Members: There is no need to leave your church to live this way. In fact, living this ay should strnegthen your resolve to support the local church. What is does do though is change the pattern of relying on the church to facilitate your spirtal life and mission, and puts it back where it should be - on you!

Whether its traditional church model, new monastic, mission communities, monastries, there is still need for leadership to shape, lead, teach and encourage those who have committed to live this way together

Rule of Life:  A committed pattern of living daily, weekly, monthly and yearly to include: Prayer, reading scripture, sabbath, longing, solitude, Honouring the body, self-examination, discernment, spiritual direction

Family: Exploring how to shape family life for your spouse to experience the type of Godly relationships that were intended and breathing life into children in order for them to experience God through you and be able to receive him directly

Mission: Instead of creating events to bring in numbers, this is about looking for where God is already at work and joining in with him

Gather: Times of solitude are good, prolonged removal from the body of Christ is unhealthy. Whether this is the sunday service, a meal once a week, a prayer time - it is important that gathering with others for a time of upligting, forgiveness

Work: Looking at decisions around how we handle work. In realtiy, work should be providing in order for the above to be priorit, not for work to be priotry and the above just about fit in. It is costly. You may not be able to climb the ladder you wanted, you may not have the massive house you wanted. But you will have a healthy life

How does it fit together?

The rule of life is about your personal pursuit of Jesus. No-one can dictate this for you. A rule of life is just a set of empty practices unless you want to grow in your faith and follow after Jesus. Combined they will grow

The Key Outworkings are 4 key areas of life that if invested in will bring not only a wholeness to you but others around you

So you live a life of Askesis, a dedicated pursuit of Jesus. Which in itself is life changing. Doing this should impact every area of life for the better. But it is helpful to focus on key areas that should be at the forefront of our mind.